Tools for your Success: Resource List

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The Six Success Domains:

Academic Habits  Academic Confidence  Persistence and Grit  Interpersonal Skills  Stress Management  Comfort with Social Interaction

Confused and want a quick summary of these six domains and how they relate to you? Look no further and keep scrolling down!

Academic Habits: These are your time management skills, study skills, prioritizing, and general habits that you need to stay successful in your work and school

Academic Confidence: How well do you feel supported by your school or environment? Do you believe in your own academic abilities or need something to figure out exactly what makes you less confident?

Persistence and Grit: Your mindset in how you approach school and life in general. Do you view failure as an opportunity for growth for many areas of your life? What about school makes you motivated about yourself and persevere through hardships?

Interpersonal Skills: Do you think you're able to communicate your points efficiently or effective? Do you have trouble understanding some social cues or are afraid to speak out more of your opinions? Struggle with getting the courage or preparedness with meeting with a professor?

Stress Management: Do you have troubles taking care of yourself? Do you easily get anxious or have a hard time constantly relaxing during your breaks? Do you get easily stressed out by factors both in and outside of school?

Comfort with Social Interaction: Are you having a hard time finding a community that you feel comfortable in? Are you trying to find friends or having a tough time staying connected with people? Do you want to meet with more people but struggle with the approach?