Peer Coaches

We're here to support all Santa Rosa Campus students in their second year and beyond

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Student Success Coaches Available

Student Success Peer Coaches are student employees that help fellow students navigate the school and its resources.

By building peer-to-peer relationships during coaching sessions, they do the following:

  • Help students complete the steps to successful enrollment/priority registration.
  • Help students stay on track with their educational goals
  • Work with students to develop and refine skills for success (time management, study skills, organization, etc.)
  • Connect students to campus resources and activities

Based on student need and interests, the coaches host workshops, and discussions, from a peer to peer perspective.

Student Success Coaches are NOT counselors. Coaching sessions are a means to assess a student's needs and guide that student in the right direction. If a student requires professional assistance, the coaches will refer that student to the appropriate department.