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Welcome to SRJC!

Santa Rosa Junior College has been inviting and welcoming students and community members for 100 years. It is our hope that all students feel supported from the beginning of their academic journey to the end, in classrooms and on the quad, by both people and the processes here at SRJC.



Get started on the right track: Attend a new student event

  • Welcome Day

  • Senior day
  • Attend an Orientation
  • Take a campus tour

Connect with your campus community:

  • BearFacts- A Student Life Bulletin from the Office of Student Affairs & Engagement Programs 
  • Wild Wednesdays - Join Student Government and Inter-club Council on the Bertolini Quad every Wednesday for music and more! 10AM - 1PM Bertolini Student Center Quad, Santa Rosa



    Make it a goal to join a club or attend an event, especially ones for new students.   Students who participate in campus events and activites are more likely to be successful!

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Success means something different for every student.  Whatever your goal, make your time here at SRJC a success for YOU! 

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What does Student Success mean to YOU?