Engaged and Empowered

Students who actively participate in class and extracurricular activities are more successful and have a more enriching academic experience! Finding your passion and connecting with a community of learners will help you be successful in the classroom. You will  also gain valuable skills that can empower you beyond the classroom. An empowered student understands available resources, can access support services, and is able to advocate for one's self. 


Get Involved

Check out the One Love Diversity Festival: 


Be Empowered!

Attend one of SRJC's many workshops


Pick a theme for the year and try to contextualize your year around this idea, write papers with this lens, host a book club on the topic, and bring in an outside expert for others to learn from.

Learn about how SRJC makes decisions via shared governance and consider joining Student Government.



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Welcomed & Engaged
Guided & Supported
Succeeding & Completing

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Success means something different for every student.  Whatever your goal, make your time here at SRJC a success for YOU! 

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What does Student Success mean to YOU?